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Tooth Whitening

Professional Swartz Creek Area Tooth Whitening for Sparkling Smiles

Why consider professional whitening? Are you tired of hiding your smile because you're afraid that others might be turned off by your discolored or yellow teeth?

Swartz Creek area tooth whitening dentist David Shorez, D.D.S., helps people like you leave his office with brighter white teeth - faster and more effectively than any over-the-counter teeth whitener remedy!

Tooth discoloration can often result from consuming items like red wine, tea, soda, and coffee; as well as smoking or inadequate oral hygiene. Genetic dental disease, tooth injuries, and even antibiotics can also be a factor in staining and darkening teeth.

At Flushing Dental Care we're experienced in safe and effective teeth bleaching methods to whiten teeth. You'll soon have a truly bright, white smile - results you'll really see.

It's easy to make an appointment right now. Just call our helpful staff at (810) 733-2700 or complete our easy online form. Now is the best time to get the top dental care you deserve - we're looking forward to meeting you!

Tooth whitening dentistry appointments available.

If you're looking for a quality tooth whitening dentist in Mt. Morris you've come to the right place. Dr. Shorez offers tooth whitening dentistry that Mt. Morris residents have come to trust for caring and professional dental care.

Financial Arrangements
Dental Insurance Flushing MI - Most Carriers Accepted. Dental Insurance Flushing Michigan - Call Flushing Dental Care at (810) 733-2700 - We can help you with your dental insurance needs.

About Us

Memberships: Dr. David Shorez

Michigan Dental Association

Michigan Dental Association

Comprised of more than 6,500 dentist and dental student members, the Michigan Dental Association fosters excellence in dental services throughout the state.

Dr. David Shorez, a member of the Michigan Dental Association, offers tooth whitening from his practice in the Flushing, Michigan area.

Adults Get More Cavities Than Kids

Modern dentistry, with the help of sealants, fluoride, and preventive care, has dramatically reduced tooth decay in children. However, there’s been an increase in decay in seniors. Some medicines dry out the mouth, for example, reducing salvia. Saliva is vital in fighting tooth decay because it helps neutralize acids, has a disinfectant quality, washes away bacteria, and helps prevent food from sticking to your teeth.

If you have questions about senior dental care, please call Flushing Dental Care today at (810) 733-2700.

Don’t Lose Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Almost all insurance companies renew your dental benefits with the New Year. That means that you can take advantage of possibly $1,000 or more of benefits for yourself and your family before the year's ends.

These benefits, often part of your employer's insurance program, are typically lost if not used. Please do not wait for the end of the year to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits, when our congested schedule at Flushing Dental Care may make it difficult to accommodate you at a convenient time for your own schedule. Call today at (810) 733-2700 to ensure your best health - particularly if you're due for your regular check-up and cleaning!

About Swartz Creek

Practice Services

Quality, individualized care

You're unique, and you deserve quality, individualized care. Dr. David Shorez believes your dental experience should blend the best of the personal and the professional. At Flushing Dental Care in the Swartz Creek, Michigan area, we take the time to get to know you and understand your dental needs. Dr. Shorez and his staff are dedicated to providing you with top-quality dental care designed exclusively for you.

Dentures that look great and last

If you're looking for dentures that look great and last, look no further than Flushing Dental Care located in the Swartz Creek, MI area. David Shorez, D.D.S. will assess your needs and fit you with durable, comfortable, natural-looking dentures - at a price you can afford.

Personalized teeth whitening options

Let highly regarded Swartz Creek area teeth whitening dentist Dr. Shorez help you reclaim your smile with the best professional tooth whitening methods for you. At Flushing Dental Care, our aim is to provide you with natural looking teeth so you can be proud of your smile.

It doesn't matter if your teeth are lightly stained from drinking coffee or tea, or if your tooth enamel is discolored. We'll provide you with a whiter, brighter smile.

What We Offer
Tooth whitening dentistry in Flushing while you relax with trusted tooth whitening dentist Dr. David Shorez. We offer convenient appointments that are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.